Why Legally Adopting an Adult You Love is Easier than You Think

Adult Adoption in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia

Most parents and their children maintain a relationship long after the child becomes a legal adult. The same is true for many parents and children who have not formally established a legal parent-child relationship, but consider themselves to be family nonetheless — whether they share a history through foster care, a stepparent-stepchild relationship, or any other deep, meaningful bond developed over time.

With an adult adoption, you can ensure that this important relationship is legally recognized, and provide your family with the same rights afforded to other parents and children who have established a legally recognized relationship.

Adult adoption is common for families who have developed a deep, longstanding bond with a now-adult child who is not legally related to them. Through adult adoption, these families can formally recognize and establish a legal parent-child relationship.

These adoptions allow stepparents  to adopt a stepchild whose other biological parent’s rights were never terminated, or former foster parents to adopt a child that was previously in their care and aged out of the foster system. There are many circumstances that may lead a family to adult adoption.

Generally, the adult adoption process can be completed relatively quickly because it does not involve a home study or termination of biological parents’ rights. Peter can provide all of the services you need to complete your adult adoption from start to finish, including:

  • Filing the adoption petition to initiate the legal adoption process
  • Getting necessary consents from the adopting parent(s), the adult to be adopted, and his or her spouse, if applicable
  • Completing the required paperwork and filing it with the court
  • Finalizing the adoption in court

While the legal adult adoption process is fairly simple and straightforward, every adult adoption requires a knowledgeable and experienced attorney to complete the above steps and ensure the process goes smoothly. Peter has helped complete hundreds of families through adult adoption in Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia.

The Benefits of Adult Adoption

If you are considering an adult adoption, you likely already share a deep, meaningful bond and consider yourselves to be a family. So why should you formally adopt or be adopted?

Adult adoption is beneficial for everyone involved. It establishes a legal parent-child relationship, which provides the adopting adults and the adult being adopted with many advantages, including:

  • Full inheritance rights for the adopted person
  • Social security benefits
  • The legal right to visit one another in the hospital and receive medical records
  • A sense of permanence and finality for everyone in the family

Adult adoption often follows a longtime bond and cements your status as a family. In addition to gaining certain beneficial legal rights, this process is often an emotional symbol of your commitment to and love for one another.

When you are ready to legally and permanently recognize your relationship with an adult adoption, contact Peter to learn more about his services and the process of adopting an adult in Maryland, Virginia, or the Washington metropolitan area.