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Visited Tallulah Jay


Tallulah Jay

Kindle Edition
50 pages
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 About the Book 

Visited is a novelette of 16,570 words. It delivers suspense and intrigue, yet it also explores phenomenon of hope that sometimes presents itself in unexpected places. Our pre-conditioning often blinds us to hopeful possibilities that can only be realized therefore, by firstly experiencing a shattering of the prism that has deluded us. Can we really choose our paths, or do our paths choose us? That is the question.The Story of Visited: Isolated in a remote lake-side forest, Dan Krueger’s mental health is deteriorating fast. He has a relationship with two women living on either side of Sentinel Lake, unbeknownst to them. But his deception begins to unravel when one of the women discovers his charade. She hatches a plan to escape the backwoods and Dan’s growing insanity but all goes horribly wrong. Instead, she finds herself paired with the other woman who together struggle for survival from Dan’s murderous intent.Twenty five years later, a young, homeless woman returns to the lake which is now a small, holiday village, after following an unexpected clue which she hopes will explain her late mother’s shadowy past. Unfortunately her searching leads to a dead-end followed by an intense personal struggle to relate to the family where she is forced to stay, until finally, a turn of chance delivers an unexpected gift. A gift that may help this beleaguered young woman overcome her need to understand her own family’s haunting past.